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Melbourne Uni - Melbourne

DECEMBER 2018 Mesh Wall Barrier
Tensioned Wire Mesh

Wattlebird Services were contracted to install a tensioned wire mesh at Melbourne University.

The spiral design of the stairwell required creativity in developing install methods to erect the safety barrier mesh. Using rolled beams and tension cables the finished product was impressive.

MLC - Sydney

JULY 2018 Cable Supported Panels
Cable Supported Structure

Installation of cable supported atmosphere panels at MLC Sydney included in depth surveying and planning.

With a crew of 12, Wattlebird used the hammer head crane and a custom spreader beam with a counter weighted arm to install the panel stacks.

BIO 21 - Melbourne

JANUARY 2018 Cable Supported Panels
Cable Supported Structure

At BIO 21 in Melbourne working off boom lifts, Wattlebird Services installed a cable supported atmospheric panel stack structure.

The project's descending window form meant that it was critical for us to survey and adjust every face and marry them together.

Top Ryde Shopping Centre - Ryde

November 2016 PVC Fabric Structure
PVC Fabric Structure

Wattlebird were contracted to install this award winning structure.

A unique cylindrically shaped PVC fabric tension membrane skin, the structure encapsulated an interconnecting travelator that was suspended between two buildings.

This was a challenging project where Wattlebird were tasked with retrofitting large vertical steel rings to the existing buildings, and then stretch and secure the PVC around the travelator.

Green Bay - Indonesia

MAY 2015 PTFE Fabric Structure
PTFE Fabric Structure

For this Jakarta based project, Wattlebird was contracted to provide specialist PTFE fabrication and installation skills.

Fabrication tasks included the initial callibration of PTFE plotting machines and the implementation of job specific PTFE welding methods.

With demanding project delivery constraints in place, Watttlebird supervised and utilised local labour on rotating day/night shifts to complete the installation to the requisite building specifications.

The Loop Project Space - Melbourne

FEB 2014 Tension Cable System
Tension Cable System

Some of our work is quite unique! Contracted to assist in the design / installation of a tension cable system to support suspended spherical objects.

Using chemical anchors to secure the cable ends and threaded stud ends to tension the cable, the balls were arranged to mimic the ripples emanating out from a dropped stone in a pond.

Liaising with the artistic owners and their builder we delivered an interesting and eye catching outdoor art piece!