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PVC Curtains / Screens

ViewSafe Curtains

Covertex ViewSafe PVC Curtains are a great option for a variety of industrial applications including wash bay screens to contain overspray, clean rooms and general work preparation areas.

ViewSafe Screens

Covertex PVC Screens help guard workplace areas against contaminants & equipment hazards common to manufacturing environments. Applications include machine room & work centre dividers.

Industrial Blinds

Extendador Blinds

Extendador™ mesh blinds can be retrofitted to most factory roller doors. They have been designed to prevent the entry of dust and debris into the work area while enhancing ventilation and natural light transmission.

ViewSafe Roller Blinds

Covertex ViewSafe Roller Blinds can be used for a multitude of applications including the integration with wash bay and preparation areas. Other applications include storage rack screening for dust and temperature control.

Alfresco Cafe Blinds

Clear PVC Outdoor Blinds

Covertex Clear PVC Cafe Blinds can be retrofitted to most types of pergolas with often no requirement to modify the existing framework. Manufactured from premium 1mm thick clear PVC they will satisfy the most demanding of exposed sites.

Mesh Outdoor Blinds

Covertex Mesh Cafe Blinds can transform an outdoor area into an enclosed living environment at an fraction of the cost of traditional building methods. Available in different colours, the polyester mesh provides a wonderful & functional aesthetic.